We're in alpha...

This software is experimental, but we'd welcome early adopters who'd like to try it out. Find out more and get in touch!

It's been used on 3 courses at The University of Queensland, and now we're looking for more.

In a nutshell...

We want to make social, interactive, data-rich in-class teaching easy.

  • Whether you're starting your course afresh, whether you've got piles of content you don't want to rewrite
  • Whether it's video, or pdf, or slide decks, or edited live in class
  • Whether you're writing it, or the class is writing it, or you're reusing the web

My courses

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Publicly listed courses

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Software Studio
The 2012 edition of the Software Studio course at The University of Queensland
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No short name
Conventicle Demo
My demo presentation for the Queensland Computing Education Conventicle
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The Software Process
2013 iteration of the course at The University of Queensland
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